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Roundly Impressed

I am currently involved in putting together a little documentary on St. Brigid's Cathedral And The Round Tower of Kildare Town. It's funny how sometimes you have to leave a place behind to get a sense of how spectacular it is. As soon as I arrived back from Mexico I was struck by the imperious grandeur of the site. And the sense of history that the places gives off. Nearly a millennia of bricks and mortar in the tower alone.

Lots of fascinating history and myth, from St.Brigid through to Sheela-na-Gigs through to the Vikings (actual and Netflix variety too!) and even on to 1st World War British Army soldiers all contained within its boundary walls.

The video is coming along nicely, but being a labour of love it's on the backburner, while paid work takes priority. Here is a quick flavour of it to give an idea of what you can expect upon completion.

A big thanks to Mario Corrigan for all his help, assistance, historical knowledge and magnetic screen presence! And also to Paddy Healy the verger for not being bothered by my presence in and around the place.

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