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6,000 Frames of Solitude

Strange times we're living through and no mistaking. During the lockdown with no opportunity to work and so much time on my hands, I decided to keep my self busy (and insanity at bay) by taking a deep dive into timelapses, which also had the benefit of getting me out and about and exploring the limited (especially when we were confined to 2 kms) confines of my home town.

An ideal way to kill solitary time, the camera clicking away relentlessly over the hour or half an hour the individual timelapses would take to run their course. Figuring out what worked, trying to second guess how the scene might play once shot and framing it accordingly. Often getting it horribly wrong! But always enjoying the process of learning and improving. Finally, it seemed that the best way to showcase the timelapses was to create this montage, like a little, hyperspeed, stop/start tour of Kildare Town.

Enjoyable not only for the photgraphy, but also the long walks (or even bike rides) taken to remote spots or simply darting around the town to different spots looking for interesting angles. A chance to appreciate the stillness that was everywhere and lots of time to contemplate the utterly transformed landscape of our post-pandemic lives. The title refers to the approximate number of individual photos used in the video. Hope you like it. Feel free to share.

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