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Reeling In The Year

Do you have a business, product or event you need to promote? Have you thought about the impact that a well crafted, professional video could have in raising the profile of your enterprise or increasing engagement with your customers in this increasingly visual, social-media driven landscape? I've just finished my latest showreel to showcase my talents and the work I've done with previous clients (including Dunnes Stores and Kildare Derby Festival). From product launches to political campaigns, exhibition openings to festival coverage.



Video is the way to show exactly what you do and to capture your customers' attention. Imapactful, immediate, colourful, demonstrative and with the ability to be shared across multiple platforms for the largest possible reach. Or maybe, you have a social event that you wish to record for posterity, a memory to look back on fondly. A living document of magical moments to cherish down the years.

So, if you have any video shooting needs or would like bespoke video created or even need some footage edited then contact me and let me see how I can help you.

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