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Lordy Lordy, Not Another Fecking Blog!

So, do I have your attention now? My name is Seoirse…

Generic  Inspirational  Nonsense
If you're not out there trying you could be at home watching tv and eating pizza...or some other such inspirational guff.

Not to be confused with Saoirse - like a raver might say, an e makes all the difference. Not Shawshank – my birth predates both the novel and the movie.

Not Seahorse – lovely creature though it may be.

Not Sureshot – my folks were never particular fans of gunslingers, Not Say-O-Ir-Say - how Mexicans love to murder it. Not Cerise – I would be scarlet, burdened with such a name! Not Shortpants, Shirtsy, Choresy, Chorchie, Snorch, Snorsh, nor a myriad of other bastardisations flung incredulously at me over the years.

Simply Seoirse, 2 syllables, pronounced simply as ShorSha.

Let us not speak of this ever again.

How ya doin'? Welcome to my blog. Where I will be making regular posts on the work that I do. Showcasing videos that I’ve made. Posting photos that I think people may want to see. And occasionally commenting on the absurdities of the world around me.

Come along for the ride...or don't.

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