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Happy Saint Brigid's Day

Saint Brigid's Cathedral Interior
Saint Brigid's Cathedral Interior

To celebrate Ireland's most famous female saint, here is a video I've just finished about the cathedral and round tower that bear her name and were erected on the site of her original settlement. Upon my return from Mexico I was really struck by how spectacular the site is. Monumental architecture and compelling history all in the one location. I was amazed that I'd never seen any films covering this, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and produce a little documentary about it. I must pay huge thanks to Mario Corrigan for his boundless knowledge and easy manner in front of camera; Paddy Healy (the verger) who let me have the run of the grounds whenever I needed it, and finally Fergal McCarthy of Drone Services Ireland for giving me half a day of his time to capture all of the stunning drone footage. I learned so much more than I knew previously knew, while making it and imagine it will be the same for most people watching this too. Give yourself 10 minutes to check it out. I sincerely hope you like it.

Feel free to share this to all and sundry.

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