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Dunnes & Dusted

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

In the build up to Christmas, the Dunnes Stores Christmas ad has just recently launched to a great reception. I had the pleasure of working with the Chemistry Ad Agency on some pieces to be used on social media (both Instagram an Facebook) in support of the campaign. The 1st, a Behind The Scenes look at the recording of the music by a 62 piece strong orchestra in the iconic Windmill Lane Studios, was shot and edited by me. I'm blown away by the fact that a piece of my work has already been viewed over 65,000 times.

The 2nd piece, a series of interviews with the children from the ad talking about their experiences on the ad and Christmas in general, was also shot and edited by me. 4 in total, this video alone has racked up 30,000 views thus far! And finally, to the ad itself in all its glory. It certainly makes for a merry Christmas for me. And a merry, merry Christmas to everyone kind enough to read this.

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